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Documents in Review (RID System)
CCSDS 650.0-P-1.1


Distribution: Online (note 1)
Review begins: See "Review Dates and Coordinator" Section Below Review ends: See "Review Dates and Coordinator" Section Below (note 2)

The Management Council of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) has authorized the publication, and requests Agency review, of the following document:

Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS)
Draft Recommended Standard
CCSDS 650.0-P-1.1  (Pink Book)  Issue 1.1  August 2009


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DOCUMENT DESCRIPTIONThe review document defines the ISO Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS). The current draft updates the original issue based on input from the user community as well as working group-internal review.

REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR REVIEWERS:  Member and Observer Agencies are requested to send their sets of review comments to the Review Coordinator with a copy to the CCSDS Secretariat.  Each review comment should be submitted on a separate Review Item Disposition (RID) form. Submission of RIDs in electronic form is preferred. The following ASCII RID forms are available (click on form name to access):  Contact the Secretariat office at secretariat@mailman.ccsds.org if you have questions.

   Click Here to Download an ASCII RID Form


International review start date:      8/31/2009
International review completion date:  11/13/2009
Overall review coordinator:
      Name:    David Giaretta

Note 1: Per resolution MC-S97-22 of the CCSDS Management Council (May 1997), the Secretariat no longer makes routine hardcopy distribution of draft CCSDS Recommendations. Instead, electronic copies are made available on line. Camera-ready copies of draft Recommendations for local reproduction may be requested from the Secretariat.
Note 2: Agency comments should be received by the review coordinator on or before the "Review ends" date. Document managers should schedule an agency review period that allows time for receipt of reviewer comments and formulation of an agency position prior to the end date.