Eduardo W. Bergamini

Eduardo W. Bergamini Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais

INPE Logo Dr. Bergamini has served as the INPE’s principle Member Agency Representative to CCSDS since its inception in 1982, and has been a participant in many CCSDS technical working groups over the years. Since 1991, Dr. Bergamini has served as the Principal Delegate of Brazil/ABNT before the Sub-Committee ISO/TC20/SC13 on “Space Data and Information Transfer Systems”. He is currently the Chairman of the ISO/TC20/SC13 Subcommittee. He is a Full Researcher at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research - INPE, the institution he joined in 1968. For the last 14 years, he has been responsible for activities associated with the development and operational maintenance of Application Services in Spaces Missions, with the deployment of different resources derived from Communication and Information Technology (CIT). His professional interests concern the use of topologies of Information Networks related to space data systems, computer and communication networks, standardization of space data and information systems and telescience in applications related to control, operations monitoring and transport of data in on board systems and ground systems. His interests in research and development are concentrated in information networks, computer and communication networks and in computer architecture with emphasis in high performance, parallel, distributed and real-time processing.

Dr. Bergamini received his degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (EPUSP), Brazil in 1967. He obtained an MSc degree in Electronics and Telecommunications at INPE/MCT in 1969. At Stanford University, he received a second MSc in 1971, followed by a PhD degree in 1973, supported by international fellowships with NASA, CNPq/Brazil, CAPES/Brazil and FAPESP/Brazil. Also while at Stanford, he acted as a Laboratory Course Instructor and as a Research Assistant with the university’s Center for Radar Astronomy. In 1973, received a Post-Doctoral Appointment as a Research Associate, sponsored by SRI International (Menlo Park, Calif.). At INPE, Bergamini was the founder and coordinator of an MSc post-graduate level course in Digital and Analog Systems, where he has taught and served as advisor on post-graduate theses. He also acted as advisor to many trainees in their graduation work and, also, as teacher, adviser and boards referee on post-graduate work in Applied Computing and on topics related to Communication and Information Technology (CIT).

Dr. Bergamini is a member of several prestigious astronautical and communications organizations, including the Internet Society (ISOC) Interplanetary Internet Special Interest Group (IPNSIG), since 1999. Since its creation in 1998, he has been the Coordinator of the Commission of Study CE 08:001.06 on “Space Data and Information Systems” of ABNT, the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards. Since 1996, he has represented INPE/MCT before the SpaceOps International Executive Committee and is also responsible for its Publications Group (PG). He is a member of the Directorship Council (CD) of BRISA ( and also became Chair of its Technical-Scientific Council (CTC) in 2005. He is an Associate Member of the International GPS Geodynamics Service. Since 1994, he has participated in working groups for implementation of networking tools developed by the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), which until 2001 included the participation of INPE in the CEOS-IDN, International Directory Network. Since 1979, Bergamini has represented INPE/MCT before the National Laboratory of Computer Networks (LARC). Bergamini is also a member of the following associations: IEEE (Senior Member); Space Exploration Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF - since 1987); AIAA (Associate Fellow); International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum (ICTS - since 1999); Brazilian Society for Computation (SBC - with technical participation in the TPCs of its symposia sponsored by its special interest groups in Computer Networks and in Computer Architecture-High Performance Computing.

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