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The Management Council of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) has authorized the publication, and requests Agency review, of the following document:

XML Telemetric and Command Exchange--Version 1.2
Draft Recommended Standard
CCSDS 660.0-P-1.1 (Pink Book) Issue 1.1 June 2019



The XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) data specification provides an information model and data exchange format for telemetry and commanding in all phases of the a spacecraft, payload, and ground segment life cycle: system design, development, test, validation, and mission operations. The current draft CCSDS issue is version 1.2 of the specification as published by the Object Management Group (OMG) in January 2019. Note: Review of this document is for approval to release the published OMG document verbatim as a cover-sheeted CCSDS Recommended Standard;no changes can be made to the OMG document. Review comments received as part of this CCSDS review will be forwarded to the OMG for consideration as part of a future revision of the OMG document.


Member and Observer Agencies are requested to send their sets of review comments to the Review Coordinator with a copy to the CCSDS Secretariat. Each review comment should be submitted on a separate Review Item Disposition (RID) form. Submission of RIDs in electronic form is preferred. The following ASCII RID forms are available (click on form name to access): Contact the Secretariat office at if you have questions.


International review start date: 7/10/2019
International review completion date: 9/9/2019
Overall review coordinator:
Name: Dan Smith

Note 1: Per resolution MC-S97-22 of the CCSDS Management Council (May 1997), the Secretariat no longer makes routine hardcopy distribution of draft CCSDS Recommendations. Instead, electronic copies are made available on line. Camera-ready copies of draft Recommendations for local reproduction may be requested from the Secretariat.
Note 2: Agency comments should be received by the review coordinator on or before the "Review ends" date. Document managers should schedule an agency review period that allows time for receipt of reviewer comments and formulation of an agency position prior to the end date.
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