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Please send general inquiries or comments or improvement suggestions regarding the CCSDS to the CCSDS Secretariat Support Team at

We encourage you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for common questions with responses.

For specific contact information, please see the CCSDS Secretariat Support Team Contact List below.

CCSDS Documentation Support

Establishes document review schedules, creates and disseminates formal review materials, initiates international review of draft CCSDS Recommendations, as well as provides overall document development support to CCSDS technical editors.

Please send all documentation support requests, questions regarding CCSDS documentation, or to report a problem with a CCSDS document or standard to Tom Gannett at

CCSDS Outreach and Public Affairs

Publicizes the goals and accomplishments of the CCSDS through effective and continuous communication using a variety of online and traditional media.

Members of the Press, please forward all CCSDS-related information requests, including deadlines, to the CCSDS Secretariat (CCSDS Public Affairs representative)

If you wish to receive e-mail announcements as CCSDS Press Releases are made available, then please subscribe to our mailing list.

CCSDS Web Design and Engineering Support

Supports the CCSDS by maintaining and improving existing CCSDS web functionality and through the continuous development of new online tools.

For technical assistance or comments related to the web site, CWE, or Mailman, please contact Brian Oliver and Laura Stafford (CCSDS Web Developers) at

CCSDS Meeting Information and Support

Manages registration and provides general meeting support for the organization’s bi-annual Working Group Meetings, as well as CCSDS Management Council meetings and meetings of ISO TC 20/SC 13.

For more information about our upcoming meetings, please visit our meetings calendar for the latest information or contact the CCSDS Secretariat at

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