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 Click Here to Review660x0p11.pdf CCSDS 660.0-P-1.1XML Telemetric and Command Exchange--Version 1.2Pink Book7/10/20191.19/9/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review727x0p42.pdfCCSDS 727.0-P-4.2CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP)Pink Sheets7/10/20194.29/9/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review902x13r1.pdfCCSDS 902.13-R-1 Abstract Event Definition Red Book8/5/2019110/4/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review401x0rp291.pdfCCSDS 401.0-RP-29.1Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems--Part 1: Earth Stations and SpacecraftRed/Pink Sheets8/5/201929.110/4/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review133x0p11.pdfCCSDS 133.0-P-1.1 Space Packet Protocol Pink Book8/19/20191.110/18/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review133x1p21.pdfCCSDS 133.1-P-2.1 Encapsulation Packet Protocol Pink Book8/19/20192.110/18/2019Click Here
 Click Here to Review902x12r1.pdfCCSDS 902.12-R-1 Cross Support Service Management--Common Data Entities Red Book8/19/2019110/18/2019Click Here