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Translated CCSDS Publications

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Currently 2 Books Listed
Формирование обобщённых данных. Orange Book. Issue 1. July 2015.
Эта Экспериментальная Спецификация CCSDS определяет технологию формирования обобщённых данных на основе использования данных, полученных из различных каналов разнесения.
Modèle de référence pour un Système ouvert d’archivage d’information (OAIS). Silver Book. Issue 1. March 2005.

Portuguese Language

1) The ACQUISITION of ABNT/Brazil STANDARDS in PORTUGUESE, derived from CCSDS Recommendations and from ISO TC20/SC13 Subcommittee Standards, can be instrumented with the use of the following pointing to the ABNT Livelink Website page, named 'ABNT COLEÇÃO' (or, 'ABNT COLLECTION'): Click Here
2) PUBLIC ACCESS POINTERS to Websites which lead to the CONTENTS IN PORTUGUESE of the Commission Technical Reports or RTCs which have been produced by ABNT/Brazil Commission of Study CE:08.010.70, and which are derived from CCSDS Recommendations and ISO TC20/SC13 Subcommittee Standards:
2.1) PUBLIC ACCESS to the CONTENTS of the RTCs in the Livelink of ABNT-Brazil: Click Here
2.2) PUBLIC ACCESS to the CONTENTS of the RTCs in the Digital Library of INPE/Brazil: Click Here

Russian Language

A Russian Language mirror site of the CCSDS website is available by Clicking Here. Note that not all CCSDS documents are available in Russian translation, but more will be added to this site as time goes by.
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