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An important success factor of CCSDS is the role of formal Agency review. The vehicle for such review is the ‘Review Item Disposition’ or ‘RID’. When a document requires formal review, the Secretariat announces the review opportunity to the CCSDS Agencies and provides instructions that define how, when, and to whom the Agency comments (in the form of completed RIDs) are to be submitted.
Anyone is welcomed to provide comments on the draft recommendations below.
For questions, please contact the CCSDS Secretariat at

Currently in Review

Click Here to Review 123x0p11.pdfLow-Complexity Lossless and Near-Lossless Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image CompressionPink Book6/29/20181.19/7/2018Click Here
Click Here to Review142x0r1.pdfOptical Communications Coding and SynchronizationRed Book6/29/201819/7/2018Click Here
Click Here to Review354x0r1.pdfSymmetric Key ManagementRed Book6/29/201819/7/2018Click Here
Click Here to Review 508x1r1.pdfRe-entry Data MessageRed Book6/22/201818/28/2018Click Here
Click Here to Review355x1r1.pdf Space Data Link Security Protocol--Extended ProceduresRed Book6/22/201818/28/2018Click Here
Click Here to Review503x0p11.pdf Tracking Data Message Pink Book5/25/20181.17/24/2018Click Here

Recently Completed Reviews

Click Here734x5r1.pdfCCSDS Streamlined Bundle Security Protocol SpecificationRed Book3/16/201815/22/2018Click Here
Click Here522x0r1.pdfMission Operations--Common ServicesRed Book11/27/201712/12/2018Click Here
Click Here921x2r1.pdfGuidelines for the Specification of Cross Support Transfer ServicesRed Book11/27/201712/12/2018Click Here
Click Here524x4r1.pdfMission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer Binding to ZMTP TransportRed Book11/27/201712/12/2018Click Here
Click Here141x0r1.pdfOptical Communications Physical LayerRed Book11/27/201712/12/2018Click Here
Click Here524x3r1.pdfMission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer Binding to HTTP Transport and XML EncodingRed Book10/24/2017112/23/2017Click Here
Click Here922x2r1.pdf Cross Support Transfer Service--Tracking Data ServiceRed Book9/1/2017110/31/2017Click Here
Click Here732x0r3.pdfUnified Space Data Link ProtocolRed Book8/21/2017310/20/2017Click Here
Click Here401x0rp271.pdfRadio Frequency and Modulation Systems--Part 1: Earth Stations and SpacecraftRed/Pink Sheets8/7/201727.110/6/2017Click Here
Click Here902x1r2.pdfCross Support Service Management--Simple Schedule Format SpecificationRed Book5/2/201727/11/2017Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 522.1-R-4Mission Operations Monitor and Control ServicesRed Book4/19/201746/26/2017Click Here
Click Here401x0p26x1.pdf Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems--Part 1:Earth Stations and SpacecraftPink Sheets3/13/201726.15/4/2017Click Here
Click Here122x1r1.pdfSpectral Preprocessing Transform for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image CompressionRed Book3/13/201715/4/2017Click Here
Click Here523x2r1.pdfMission Operations Message Abstraction Layer--C++ APIRed Book3/13/201715/4/2017Click Here
Click Here732x1r2.pdfUnified Space Link ProtocolRed Book3/9/201725/3/2017Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 320.0-P-6.1CCSDS Spacecraft Identification Field Code Assignment Control ProceduresPink Book11/9/20166.11/31/2017Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 766.2-R-1Voice and Audio CommunicationsRed Book10/18/201611/25/2017Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 131.0-P-2.1TM Synchronization and Channel CodingPink Sheets9/27/20162.112/9/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 356.0-R-1Network Layer Security Adaptation ProfileRed Book8/12/2016110/11/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 524.2-R-1Mission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer Binding to TCP/IP Transport and Split Binary EncodingRed Book8/12/2016110/11/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 732.1-R-1Unified Space Link ProtocolRed Book8/12/2016110/11/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 122.0-P-1.1Image Data CompressionPink Sheets7/26/20161.19/26/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 231.0-P-2.1TC Synchronization and Channel CodingPink Sheets7/26/20162.19/26/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 506.0-P-1.1Delta-Differential One Way Ranging (Delta-DOR) OperationsPink Book7/26/20161.19/26/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 506.3-R-1Delta-DOR Quasar Catalogue Update ProcedureRed Book7/26/201619/26/2016Click Here
Click HereCCSDS 876.0-R-2Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services--XML Specification for Electronic Data SheetsRed Book6/29/201628/29/2016No RIDs Submitted
Click HereCCSDS 876.1-R-2Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services--Specification for Dictionary of Terms for Electronic Data SheetsRed Book6/29/201628/29/2016No RIDs Submitted
CCSDS 509.0-R-1Pointing Request MessageRed Book12/15/201513/15/2016
CCSDS 881.1-R-1Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services--RFID Tag Encoding SpecificationRed Book5/31/201518/31/2015
CCSDS 727.0-P-4.1CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP)Pink Sheets10/30/20154.11/30/2015
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