Review Documents

An important success factor of CCSDS is the role of formal Agency review. The vehicle for such review is the ‘Review Item Disposition’ or ‘RID’. When a document requires formal review, the Secretariat announces the review opportunity to the CCSDS Agencies and provides instructions that define how, when, and to whom the Agency comments (in the form of completed RIDs) are to be submitted.

Anyone is welcomed to provide comments on the draft recommendations below.

For questions, please contact the CCSDS Secretariat.

Currently in Review

The documents below are currently open for review. You may click on the Document # to view the draft or click on Document Name / Review link to submit RIDs. For more information about the review you may click on .

# Name / Review Closes

Recently Completed Reviews

The documents below have recently completed review. RIDs can no longer be submitted. You may click on the document # to view the draft, or to view more infomation about the review.

# Name Closed
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