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CCSDS Experimental Specification (Orange Books) indicates that it is part of a research or development effort based on prospective requirements, and as such it is not considered a Standards Track document. Experimental Recommendations are intended to demonstrate technical feasibility in anticipation of a 'hard' requirement that has not yet emerged. Experimental work may be rapidly transferred onto the Standards Track should a hard requirement emerge in the future.

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Erasure Correcting Codes for Use in Near-Earth and Deep-Space Communications. Orange Book. Issue 1. October 2014.
This Experimental Specification defines efficient erasure coding and decoding strategies for future space missions.
Optical High Data Rate (HDR) Communication--1064 NM . Orange Book. Issue 1. December 2018.
This Experimental Specification contains the technical specification for implementing the Physical Layer and the Coding and Synchronization (sub)layer of optical communication systems. It is based on the High Data Rate (HDR) scenario implemented in ESA missions (EDRS series, Sentinel series).
Short Block Length LDPC Codes for TC Synchronization and Channel Coding. Orange Book. Issue 1. April 2015.
This CCSDS Experimental Specification defines a set of short block length Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes intended for telecommand applications.
Формирование обобщённых данных. Orange Book. Issue 1. July 2015.
Эта Экспериментальная Спецификация CCSDS определяет технологию формирования обобщённых данных на основе использования данных, полученных из различных каналов разнесения.
Correlated Data Generation. Orange Book. Issue 2. August 2020.
This CCSDS Experimental Specification specifies a method for correlated data generation through the use of data acquired from diverse channels.
Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL)--XML/XSD Syntax . Orange Book. Issue 1. May 2018.
This Experimental Specification provides a new implementation of the Abstract Syntax of the Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language (DEDSL) (CCSDS 647.1-B-1) using the XML Schema definition for the construction and interchange of data entity dictionaries, while being fully compatible with the XML/DTD Syntax (CCSDS 647.3-B-1).
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Space Link Extension--Enhanced Forward CLTU Service. Orange Book. Issue 1. July 2012.
This Experimental Specification explores AOS data link protocol enhancements to the CCSDS Space Link Extension (SLE) Forward Communications Link Transmission Unit (CLTU) Service. The CCSDS conducts periodic reconfirmation reviews of its publications to assure their continued relevance. This Experimental Specification has been reconfirmed through April 2023.
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