The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) was formed in 1982 by the major space agencies of the world to provide a forum for discussion of common problems in the development and operation of space data systems. It is currently composed of 11 member agencies, 32 observer agencies, and over 119 industrial associates.

Since its establishment, it has been actively developing standards for data-systems and information-systems to promote interoperability and cross support among cooperating space agencies, to enable multi-agency spaceflight collaboration (both planned and contingency) and new capabilities for future missions. Additionally, CCSDS standardization reduces the cost burden of spaceflight missions by allowing cost sharing between agencies and cost-effective commercialization.

Overview Materials

This CCSDS overview material is made available to help new CCSDS participants get a quick overview of the current state of CCSDS activities and scope.


The CCSDS Charter was originally approved in 1982. It was updated in May 1999 and again in September 2004.


As the space age evolved in the 1960's and 1970's, there was increasing interest in stimulating international cooperation as a way to enhance space exploration.

Management Structure

The CCSDS Management Council (CMC) is the executive management oversight group of the organization. The CMC is populated by the Member Agencies who each appoint one Principal Delegate.

Technical Organization

The CCSDS Engineering Group (CESG) is composed of 6 areas. Within these areas there are Working Groups (WG), Birds of a Feather (BOF), and Special Interest Groups (SIG) that collaborate.

Standards Dev Process

An interactive general taxonomy of CCSDS documentation representing the Standards Track, Non Standards Track, and Administrative Track development process.


Answers to many common frequently asked questions about CCSDS Meetings, Publications, Joining CCSDS, and Participation.

Contant Us

Contacts for CCSDS Documentation Support, Web Design and Engineering Support, Outreach and Public Affairs, and Meeting Information and Support.

Contact Agenices

A CCSDS Member Agency is a governmental or quasi-governmental organization that fully participates in all CCSDS activities and provides a commensurate level of support.

Spacecraft IDs

CCSDS Spacecraft ID (SCID) list and processes and procedures on how to obtain an assignment of SCID.

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