ISO TC20/SC13 Subcommittee Contents

While CCSDS has been developing data and communications standards for spaceflight since 1982, in 1990, CCSDS entered into an arrangement with the International Standards Organization (ISO) which would allow completed CCSDS standards to be processed and approved as ISO standards. To effect that, ISO Technical Committee 20 Subcommittee 13 was formed and designated “Space Data and Information Transfer Systems”. Effectively, the CCSDS membership now has a dual role, functioning as the CCSDS standards body and as the ISO TC20/SC13 standards body.

ISO TC 20/SC 13 is the ISO administrative subcommittee of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems. By special arrangement with ISO, CCSDS documents are processed as ISO TC 20/SC 13 projects at the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage.

Rather than migrate or duplicate the CCSDS committee web-based infrastructure to the SC 13 ISO site, CCSDS and SC13 continue to use the CCSDS website because it is familiar to the contributing agencies and missions that support and benefit from this work.

All official SC 13 documentation (N-Numbered documents) can be found in ISO at the following link: Most of the CMC delegates have been designated by their ISO National Member Body as the official SC 13 representative and should have access to SC 13 documents. These individuals have dual roles, both as CCSDS CMC delegates and as SC 13 National Member Body representatives.

Click Here to access TC20/SC13 documents and public materials that are available on the CCSDS CWE.

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