CCSDS Associates are scientific and industrial entities desiring a formal tie with the CCSDS, which allows them to more closely monitor and possibly influence the technical document development process.

Associates may participate in the working groups and in the document development process with the explicit approval of a sponsoring CCSDS Member or Observer Agency. Associates may also submit concept or position papers through their sponsoring Member or Observer Agency. Generally, the sponsor agency and CCSDS Commercial Associate shall be from the same country; however, multinational organizations (e.g., ESA) can sponsor a Associate provided that the Associate candidate is from a country affiliated with the sponsor agency.

To apply for a CCSDS Associate membership, please complete the appropriate application below and submit it to the appropriate Member or Observer Agency representative for sponsorship. Once sponsored, it will be forwarded to the Secretariat for final approval.

How to Become a Commercial Associate
Online Commercial Associate Application Form

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