CCSDS Missions

The table below lists missions known to be using CCSDS-recommended protocols. For the missions listed, CCSDS protocol use ranges from CCSDS Version 1 Transfer Frames for telemetry (early missions) to the full suite of conventional and/or Advanced Orbiting Systems (AOS) telemetry and telecommand protocols. Many of these missions also follow CCSDS Recommendations for data archiving, Space Link Extension (SLE) services, Time Code Formats, and Lossless Data Compression; the majority conform to CCSDS Recommendations for Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems.

The table is a product of a compilation of information gathered from several sources. In many cases, information was obtained from requirements, design, and interface-control documents prepared for individual missions. Reports and technical papers discussing use of CCSDS-recommended standards in particular missions, mission-related Web pages, and CCSDS agency reports to the CCSDS Management Council were also consulted. Where no documents were available, information was obtained through discussions with mission personnel.


  1. Expected Launch dates for future missions are volatile, and some of the projected dates provided by Organizations shown in the table may no longer be consistent with current mission planning.
  2. For telecommunications satellites, use of CCSDS protocols is generally limited to spacecraft command and control.
  3. Errors or missions should be reported to

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