Member Agencies

A CCSDS Member Agency is a governmental or quasi-governmental organization that fully participates in all CCSDS activities and provides a commensurate level of support. Only one agency representing a given country or multinational organization may participate as a Member Agency of the CCSDS. A Member Agency shall adopt the Charter and must make best efforts to ensure the adherence of their agency’s internal standards to the applicable CCSDS Recommended Standards. Each CCSDS Agency must formally appoint its delegates to the CCSDS Technical Working Groups which that Agency supports. Member Agencies are also invited and encouraged to submit concept or position papers for discussion within the working groups.

Perhaps most importantly, Member Agencies have CCSDS voting rights, which are exercised through Member Agency Representatives. Member Agency Representatives make up the CCSDS Management Council (CMC), and meet twice a year to decide on the business and direction of the CCSDS.

For more information about becoming a CCSDS Member Agency, please contact the CCSDS Secretariat.

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