Fall Meetings 2023 Information Overview

CCSDS Fall 2023 Meetings will be held in-person.


The CCSDS Fall 2023 meeting series will be hosted by ESA and held in The Hague, Netherlands.

The LunaNet Developers Forum has been postponed until Spring 2024. Please continue to check back for further updates.

The dates will be as follows:

- Main Technical Meetings: 06-10 November 2023
- CESG Meeting: 13-14 November 2023
- CMC, Joint CMC/CESG & ISO Meetings: 15-16 November 2023

As always the dress for the Technical Plenary meeting is Business Casual.

For more information about the CCSDS Working Groups, please visit the CCSDS Collaborative Work Environment (CWE).

Meeting Location

The Fall 2023 meetings will take place at at the Marriott Hotel in The Hague, located 44km south-west of Amsterdam International Airport. The address to that location is the following:

The Hague Marriott Hotel
Johan de Wittlaan 30
The Hague, 2517 JR Netherlands
Tel: +31-70-3525354
Fax: +31-70-3525353
- Website

- Location in Google Maps Click Here.

Hotel Reservations

The Marriott is very close to the Statenkwartier that includes many hotels, restaurants, and shops for people who do not want to use the room and the lunch in the Marriott.

A special room rate is available to CCSDS attendees from the following link: Click Here

Please be aware that a different cancellation policy applies for the reduced rate (cancellation has to be made 1 week in advance). Although there is not a specific deadline for our special rate, please note the following: A percentage of the unreserved rooms will be returned to the normal booking pool as follows, please book accordingly.

Other possible hotels in the surrounding area:
- Novotel: Click Here
- Best Western Hotel Petit: Click Here
- B-Apart hotel: Click Here
- Staten Hotel: Click Here

Travel Information

Mobile App: The best app to use for public transport is 9292 (9292.nl), available for mobile phones as well. You can see live bus/tram/train schedules, get complete route maps, etc.

Weather: November is the rainiest month of the year in South Holland. Rain can be very intense (unlike in the UK), so be prepared. It is also very windy; umbrellas are not always practical.

Cashless: The Netherlands is very cashless; there is no need to bring too much cash with you. Paying by card or Apple/Google Pay is pretty universal (we are not sure how usable AmEx or Discover cards are; Europe is mainly MasterCard and Visa).

Getting to the Marriot: The Marriott is located between the coastline of Scheveningen and The Hague. From Amsterdam: take the A4 (direction Den Haag-Rotterdam), then at the junction, follow the A44. Continue on the N44 toward "Wassenaar-Zuid/Den Haag." Take the exit at "Landscheidingsweg/S200" and continue for 5km. Then take the exit on the right at "Johan De Wittelaan."

By Train: For train tickets you can use the NS (Dutch Rail) website and app (you can buy tickets in the app): Clicking Here.

Dutch rail stations are controlled access, so you need to scan your ticket to exit.

Den Haag has two main rail stations (Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag Hollands Spoor/HS), plus a couple of smaller ones (Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië/NOI, etc); make sure you get out of the train at the right stop.

Trains between Schiphol Airport and The Hague are very frequent. You can buy tickets at the yellow ticket machines while you wait for your luggage in Schiphol. The NS app will tell you the platform (Spoor) a train arrives at, any delays (there are delays, but fewer than in Germany), and how full the train is.

From Den Haag Centraal station, take Tram number 16 (direction Statenkwartier) or Bus number 24 (direction Kijkduin) and get off at "Gemeentemuseum/Museon, Den Haag." The stop is 3-4 minutes walking distance from the hotel. The journey time is approx. 15-20 minutes.

Please note that the nearest railway station to The Marriott hotel is Den Haag Centraal, and the Amsterdam Airport railway station is called Schiphol. Tickets by Clicking Here.

Busses: In busses and trams you can scan your contactless debit or credit card when you enter and exit the bus to pay (Don’t forget to scan when you exit. Otherwise you will be charged more).

By Car via Airport: From Schiphol Airport, either take a taxi to Den Haag (55 min) or a train to Den Haag Centraal Station (30 min) and then Tram number 16 or Bus number 24 (see train directions above) (15-20 min.). By rental car, follow the "By car" instructions as above from Amsterdam.

Information on Schiphol airport can be found by Clicking Here. Train connections from Schiphol Airport can also be found on this website.

Taxis: From Schiphol to The Hague will be eye-wateringly expensive (well over 100 €). It is best to take the train to Den Haag Centraal or Den Haag HS and take a taxi to the hotel from there.

Meeting Registration

Click Here to Register for the CCSDS Fall Meetings.

Please register is you plan to attend in-person or virtual. Each registrant requires a CCSDS CWE account.
- Request Account Here
- Password Reset Here

Current Registrants

Note: You must have an active CWE login to view.

Roster of all Registrants - Click Here
Registrants by Meeting - Click Here

Technical Editors Bootcamp

The CCSDS Secretariat will be holding a training bootcamp in CCSDS document-development procedures, which is required for all CCSDS technical editors and recommended for WG chairs. Other WG participants are welcome to attend as space permits. Please see the registration form for dates and times.

Opening Plenary Presentation

On November 6th 2023, the Area Directors presented the following Open Plenary Presetation prior to the start of the Technical Meetings.


Agendas for meetings by Working Groups.

If no meeting materials are available yet, you will not see a link. Please get in touch with the meeting Chair for more information.

Meetings Schedule

The meeting schedule can be obtained by Clicking Here.

The meeting room assignments can be obtained by Clicking Here.

The meeting room maps and floor plans can be obtained by Clicking Here.

Letter of Invitation

If you require a letter of invitation to attend the meetings, then please request one via e-mail at secretariat@mailman.ccsds.org

Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at secretariat@mailman.ccsds.org

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