CCSDS Merchandise

Land’s End offers products (apparel, ball caps, etc.) with the CCSDS logo on them. You can fly your CCSDS colors by ordering a business shirt, polo shirt, ball cap, or other products with our CCSDS logo.

There are currently two versions of the CCSDS logo with dark lettering or light lettering. If you would like another CCSDS logo to be added as an option, please contact the CCSDS Secretariat at

There are two versions of the logo: Dark lettering and light lettering. Please click on the pictures below to view a larger high-res sample.

1) Click Here to visit CCSDS’s Land’s End Storefront. You should notice a prominent CCSDS logo.

2) Select a product (the product page won’t mention anything about CCSDS) and then (for most items) select you desired color, size, and quantity.

3) Next select “Apply Logo(s)”. Choose which logo variant you would like and the position of the logo (where applicable). Click “Apply Logo”.

4) You can choose to add another Logo in the same manner as above or add the item to your Shopping Bag.

5) When you have added an item to your Shopping Bag, you may choose to Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout.

6) When you checkout, follow the instructions and prompts on the page. You may choose to checkout as a Guest, without creating an account, or to create/log into an account.

Note: “Promotional products” are only for ordering large numbers (e.g. minimum 24 ball caps).

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