Non Standards Track

Not every specification is on the Standards Track. A specification may not be intended to be a CCSDS Recommended Standard or BCP, or it may be intended for eventual standardization but may not yet be ready to enter the Standards Track because a hard requirement does not currently exist for its use by the mission or mission support infrastructure communities. Alternatively an in-use specification may have been superseded by a more recent CCSDS Standard, or may have otherwise fallen into disuse or disfavor and needs to be retired. The CESG decides which work items should be on the Non-Standards Track and the CMC must approve those recommendations prior to their initiation. Specifications that are on the Non-Standards Track are labeled with one of three "off-track" levels and documents bearing these labels are not CCSDS standards in any sense

  • Experimental;
  • Informational;
  • Historic
  • .

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