CCSDS Standards Track

Standards Track documents are those that are intended to directly influence and enhance the international installed base of CCSDS-compatible space mission support infrastructure. Generally, they are developed in response to a direct mission or operational need (a “hard requirement”) that has been identified via the CMC Customer Interface function and approved by a customer group (such as the IOAG). In order to enter the Standards Track, the WG charter must demonstrate to an AD that the work has broad support across the CCSDS community – normally by showing that multiple Agencies or other organizations are willing to participate in the development.

Standards Track specifications normally must not depend on other Standards Track specifications that are at a lower maturity level, or on non-Standards Track specifications other than referenced specifications from other standards bodies. The CESG makes recommendations for which work items should enter the Standards Track when chartering a WG and the CMC must approve those recommendations prior to the initiation of work.

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