SCPS Protocols

The SCPS protocols were early approaches to define a Space Internetworking protocol suite, using innovative approaches to resolve issues discovered when terrestrial internet protocols were applied to the space environment. However, now more advanced approaches have been developed, and for the missions of the CCSDS community, the SCPS protocols are being deprecated in favor of the Solar System Internet (SSI) suite. The SCPS Network Protocol (NP), Security Protocol (SP) and File Protocol (FP) have been downgraded to historical (silver book) status. The SCPS Transport Protocol (SCPS-TP) is being maintained by CCSDS as an active recommendation (Blue Book) because it was taken up by commercial industry and is still in use. However, for new missions and new development efforts, it is strongly recommended that the SCPS protocols should not be implemented, and instead organizations should look to the SSI Suite (Delay Tolerant Networking and associated recommendations).

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