Margherita di Giulio

Margherita di Giulio Margherita di Giulio – CESG Chair

Margherita di Giulio is the Chair of the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG).

Since 1983 Mrs. di Giulio has worked in the aerospace industry in Italy, in the area of software development for onboard applications. In 1988, Mrs. Di Giulio joined ESA, at the European Space Operation Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt (Germany). At ESOC, her main task was to develop software applications to be deployed in the ESA network of Ground Stations (called ESTRACK). Primarily, Mrs. di Giulio has been involved in the domain of Telemetry (TM) and Telecommand (TC) and the relevant communications protocols.

Later, Mrs. di Giulio became the Head of the Section, which develops TM/TC applications for ESTRACK.

She has provided engineering support to the launch and routine operations of a number of ESA.

Mrs. di Giulio joined CCSDS in 2008, in her present role.

Mrs. di Giulio holds a Master in Solid State Physics. She graduated at Milan State University.

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