Peter Shames

Peter Shames Peter Shames – Area Director, SEA

Peter Shames is the Area Director of the CCSDS Systems Engineering Area (SEA).

For most of his career, he has been engaged in the process of turning computers into useful tools for scientists.

Currently, Mr. Shames manages JPL's Information Systems Standards Program in the Interplanetary Network Directorate (IND). During his career he has developed architectures for a variety of NASA programs, including JPL's mission operations system, the Hubble Space Telescope science processing and archiving systems, as well as high speed data acquisition, pointing, and analysis systems at the Arecibo Observatory. Within the CCSDS, he works to define an end-to-end reference architecture for space data systems. Mr. Shames has served on a number of different working groups and panels at the CCSDS, has been on panels of the National Academy of Sciences and was a member of a science task force of the Internet Architecture Board.

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