Fall Meetings 2008 Information Overview

We are currently planning to hold the Fall 2008 CCSDS meeting series in Berlin, Germany, at the DIN facilities. Location information is can be accesssed here.

The planned schedule for technical meetings is:
- CCSDS Technical Plenary: 13-17 October 2008

The following week will be the management meetings:
- 20 October AM - CESG Work time
- 20 October PM - CESG Meeting
- 21 October AM and PM - CESG Meeting
- 21 October PM - ISO SC13 Meeting
- 22 October AM and PM - Joint CESG/CMC Meeting
- 23 October AM and PM - CMC (CMC Members Only) Meeting

The meeting is hosted by DLR, and supported by the German standards organization, DIN
Meeting Registration:
Meeting Registration is now closed.
Meeting Agendas:
Agendas for meetings by Working Groups can be obtained by Clicking Here.
Hotel Reservations:
The following reservations will be kept until the beginning of October, but as the rooms are limited in these hotels (only about 20 in each) they may be filled before that time:

Hotel Name: Golden Tulip, Hotel Hamburg (13-17, October)
Booking Code: DIN 131008, Code: DIN-ISO/TC20/SC13
Costs: Single Room €94, Double Room €119

Hotel Name: Sylter Hof (13-16, October)
Booking Code: DIN/TC20/SC13
Costs: Single Room €82, Double Room: €114

Letters of Invitation and Visa Requests:
Should any meeting attendees still be in need of a letter of invitation or Visa letter for the meeting, please contact the Secretariat at secretariat@mailman.ccsds.org as soon as possible.

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