CCSDS Spring (June) 2008 CESG/CMC/ISO Meeting Information Overview

The meeting will be hosted by JAXA and will be held in Tsukuba, Japan , on the Tsukuba Space Center (TkSC) in Building C-7 (International Space Technology Exchange House)
Meeting Schedule:
- June 16 (0900-1700) CESG Meeting
- June 17 (0900-1040) CESG Meeting - CMC Meeting
- June 17 (1040-1200) CESG and CMC Joint Meeting
- June 17 (1300-1700) CESG Meeting - ISO TC20/SC13 Meeting
- June 18 (0900-1700) CESG and CMC Joint Meeting
- June 19 (0900-1700) CMC Meeting
Meeting Registration:
Meeting Registration is now closed.
Hotel and Transportation Information:
There are no block rooms or special rates, so attendees are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as possible.

Stay in Tsukuba, with a 10 minute taxi ride to work, and a 45 minute train ride for off-duty excursions to Tokyo
Stay in Tokyo, with a commute (train and taxi) of approximately 90 minutes to work.
Letters of Invitation and Visa Requests:
Should any meeting attendees still be in need of a letter of invitation or Visa letter for the meeting, please contact the Secretariat at as soon as possible.

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