Data Archive Interoperability Working Group Presentations

In August 2021, some Data Archive Interoperability (DAI) Working Group (WG) members developed a keynote presentation which was solicited by the Engaging with Web Archives (EWA) conference organized by the Maynooth University in Maynooth, Ireland. The organizers requested pre-recorded videos (followed by live Q&A) so those videos are available to describe currently ongoing work in the DAI WG.

The conference audience was the web archivist community, so some comments were web-specific. But 99% of the material is of general interest to all interested in archiving and digital preservation.

The presentation was in four parts:

Part 1 - Introduction

Introduction was a short introduction to the overall keynote topics, with background on CCSDS and DAI: DAI Video Introduction

Part 2 - IPELTU

IPELTU described work on our Magenta Book project, Information Preparation to Enable Long-Term Use (IPELTU). DAI Video IPELTU

Part 3 - OAIS-IF

OAIS-IF explained the current architecture work on the OAIS-Interoperability Framework (OAIS-IF) suite of standards aimed at providing interoperability among archive users and archives (both OAIS and non-OAIS archives). DAI Video OAIS

Part 4 - OAIS Version 3

OAIS Version 3 provided an update on the current revisions to the Reference Model for OAIS standard, a CCSDS Magenta Book that has been widely adopted by archives around the world. Keep in mind that this presentation was developed before formal publication of the document, so it is remotely possible that there will be some changes before final publication. DAI Video OAIS Version 3

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