CCSDS Associates Benefits and Limitations

Would be invited to submit comments in the form of Review Item Discrepancy (RID) sheets on any documents distributed for Agency review. These RIDs would be submitted through the sponsoring agency and, if approved by that agency, become part of the Agency's RID set; the CCSDS Secretariat would not accept RIDs directly from an Associate.

Would be invited to submit proposals for new areas of standards development that they perceive are needed. These proposals would be submitted though their sponsoring agency.

Would be invited to participate in periodic CCSDS/Industry Symposia at which tutorials on CCSDS topics would be presented and announcements/demonstrations of CCSDS-compatible products given.

Would be entitled to send representatives to CCSDS Area and Working Group Meetings as a part of their sponsoring agency's delegation (provided sponsoring agency concurs).

Would NOT have a direct input into the consensus process for approving CCSDS Green and Blue Books; however, Associates can have a significant influence by either their work during the Recommendation development process or by persuading a Management Council member to their point of view.

NOTE: There is no charge to the CCSDS Associates for the services they receive.

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