Osvaldo Peinado

Osvaldo Peinado Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

DLR Logo Dr. Osvaldo Peinado has a degree in informatics and electronic engineering from the “University of Mendoza”, Argentina. He obtained his PhD. in Remote Sensing at the University of Munich, Germany.

He started to work programming computers at the age of 14th and moves into the space business in 1988 making hardware and software to control the antennas of the Argentinean meteorological service using also the GOES satellites. In 1991 changed to CONAE (Argentinean space Agency) working with optical remote sensing.

In 1995 started with radar remote sensing and GIS (geographical information system) in UFZ (Environmental Research Centre) in Leipzig, Germany.

In 2000 changed to DLR (German Aerospace Center) and continued working with remote sensing, especially with 3D radar interferometry and GIS. Being team manager created the crisis information center group (today ZKI) in the German Remote Sensing Data Center.

In 2003 moved to GSOC (German Space Operations Center). Half a year later took the position of Ground Operations Manager for the Columbus and ATV projects at Col-CC.

Since March 2008 is the CCSDS representative for video and audio for the German Space Agency. End of 2013 takes the position of head of the German Delegation and the German Representative for the ISO/TC20/SC13 and in the CMC at CCSDS.

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