Commercial Associate Application Form

CCSDS recognizes the need for closer ties between private companies/institutions and international space agencies. The CCSDS Associate category is an attempt to promote a symbiotic arrangement that will benefit both the private sector and the space agencies.

CCSDS Associate status is obtained by completing the form below, and obtaining an approval from a CCSDS Agency (this will be done by the CCSDS Secretariat after form submission), hereafter referred to as the sponsoring agency.

The benefits/limitations of the Associate category are summarized please Click Here: Companies and institutions wishing to become CCSDS Associates should apply for sponsorship to a Member/Observing Agency from the country in which they do the greatest amount of business. In order to determine which CCSDS Agency should act as the sponsor for your application to become a CCSDS Associate, please complete the following form:

By clicking the "Save" button below you hereby apply to join the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) as a CCSDS ASSOCIATE in order to participate in promoting interoperability and cross-support among participating international space agencies. If accepted as a CCSDS Associate, this Company/Institution agrees to abide by the CCSDS procedures for participating in CCSDS meetings and in the review of CCSDS documents.


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